Dear Nobles and Daughters, We would like to wish all of you prosperity and excellent health in the new year. We also would like to thank everyone for fully dedicating yourselves to promoting. HIV/AIDS awareness during December. As a friendly reminder, all newly elected Illustrious Potentates and Illustrious Commandresses must select an NCHI Representative for their respective temples and courts and upload this information in the NCHI Reporting system under the "NCHI Desert Coordinators and Temple/Court Representatives" tab. Also, please work with your deputies of and for the Oasis of your respective temples and courts for dispensations for NCHI activities where required. Please direct all questions to: We want to acknowledge the recent passing of NCHI Imperial Deputy HPIP Dr. Kenneth Walton of Golconda Temple No. 24. He was an integral part of this committee for many years dating back to the National Diabetes Initiative and the Imperial Medical Department.
 Please direct all NCHI-related questions to Thank you for your continued support.